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What to Do When You Are Whole

Thin, cold fingers clutched the woven fabric pulled carefully over her head, shielding a gaunt face from recognizing eyes. If she was seen, known to be unclean, there would be shrieks of horror, cries of disgust, maybe even rocks thrown. Twelve years of isolation weighed achingly in her chest, a solid boulder of fear tugging… Continue reading What to Do When You Are Whole

Cover Page for "Godliness with Contentment, Part 2" with Pastor and Sister Brian Jones and their family
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Godliness with Contentment -Part 2 – Train Up a Child

Earlier this week, I shared with you the first part of an incredible interview I was honored to do with Sis. Doretha Jones. The response to that post was beyond belief. Her thoughts on developing contentment, living thankfully, and spiritual ambition hit home for all of us! It is a must read! I'm so excited… Continue reading Godliness with Contentment -Part 2 – Train Up a Child

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We were at Legacy Family Camp last week, and I gleaned so many incredible nuggets to share, including an amazing sit down with Sis. Dorethea Jones! Listening to her is always just a spiritual goldmine, and she really shared her heart with me. I'm working on putting all those incredible notes into post format for… Continue reading Identity